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My online business will just run itself. And other myths.

Updated: 6 days ago

Work from anywhere, be your own boss, set your own hours – it all sounds so dreamy. Yes, there are so many amazing benefits to being an online business owner, but here's the truth: building a successful online business requires dedication, effort, sprinkled with a good dose of reality. 

Let's talk about some common myths . . .

Let's start with Myth No.1

My Online Business Will Run Itself whilst I relax by the pool.

this one's actually a biggie. 

Yes automation tools can streamline processes, but an online business is like a living, breathing entity. To work effectively, automations still need to be monitored and continuously tweaked to keep them working properly.

Just like an offline business, an online business needs consistent attention, even if it's not a full-time commitment. Think financial management, product production/acquisition, content creation, marketing, customer service, and staying up-to-date on industry trends. The list goes on.

Basically managing an online business requires tackling many of the same tasks as running a brick-and-mortar store or any other offline business. The difference being you can probably work on many (not all) of those tasks from anywhere with wifi ;)

This is your life now. Not really

Myth No.2

I Just Need a Great Idea

A fantastic idea is a great starting point, but it's just the beginning. 

You also need a well-defined target audience, a solid business plan, and a clear value proposition. There's a lot of competition online, so even the greatest idea in the world needs a well-defined plan and strategy to reach its full potential.

  • Know Your Audience:  Who are you trying to reach? Understanding who your target audience is allows you to talk directly to them. Know their demographic, interests, and pain points and craft every piece of marketing, including your website, to appeal to them directly.

  • Plan for Success:  A business plan that outlines your goals, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and operational roadmap. The more detail the better, because you'll refer to this document when making big decisions throughout your journey.

  • Differentiate Yourself:  The online space is so very crowded with all kinds of amazing products and ideas.  What makes yours super special and unique?  Identify this and use it to your advantage to stand out from the competition. Be different.

  • Strategic Execution:  Having a plan is essential, but implementing it effectively is key.  This involves targeted marketing campaigns, building an amazing user-friendly website, and delivering exceptional customer service always.

Myth No.3

Get Rich Quick Schemes Actually Work

This one might be the most tempting myth, but it's also the farthest from reality. 

Let's be honest, If there was a guaranteed path to online riches overnight, wouldn't everyone be doing it? The truth is, building a sustainable online business takes time, dedication, and a focus on providing genuine value to your audience.

Think about it this way: would you trust a website promising to make you a millionaire in a week with minimal effort? Probably not. Sustainable online success comes from building trust and credibility with your audience by offering them something valuable, whether it's a product, a service, or informative content that solves their problems.

Don't fall for the allure of quick fixes. Focus on building something real and providing value, and the financial rewards will likely follow in the long run. Also, you'll sleep better at night ;)

Myth no4

Social Media is All I Need

Yeah, no.

Sure, social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience and building brand awareness. But in reality you need a strong online presence that goes beyond just posting on Facebook or Instagram. Relying solely on social media can be risky.

  • Limited Control: Social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms and features. What works today might not work tomorrow. You don't own your social media accounts, and the platform can restrict your reach at any time.

  • Data Dependence:  Reaching your audience on social media often relies on paid advertising or complex algorithms. This can be expensive and unpredictable.

To establish a sustainable online business, you need to build a strong foundation beyond social media. Here are some other channels to consider:

  • Your Own Website: This is your digital HQ, you own it and you have complete control. A website allows you to showcase your brand, provide detailed information, and capture leads through email signups.

  • Email List: Building an email list gives you a direct line of communication with your most engaged audience. Unlike social media, you control who sees your emails and can nurture stronger relationships. If everything goes belly up on socials (you might get hacked) you have your customer list to fall back on.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Yes Social media can definitely be a powerful tool, but don't neglect other channels. Explore content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and even paid advertising on various platforms to reach your audience where they are.

By taking a multi-channel approach to your marketing efforts,  you not only take control of your brand narrative but you create more ways to reach your customers and a more sustainable path to success. Social media can be a great part of your marketing efforts, but it shouldn't be completely relied on.

The Reality of running

an online business


Running a successful online business is incredibly rewarding.  But it's also challenging and requires work.


  • Being Your Own Boss One of the best parts is honestly the freedom and flexibility of setting your own schedule and working from anywhere in the world (as long as you have Wi-Fi!).

  • Pursuing Your Passion  Earning income doing what you love is amazing. Online businesses allow you to build something you truly care about. What could be better?

  • The Global Reach  With no geographical boundaries the skies the limit. You can connect with and sell to customers worldwide. Thank you internet ;)

  • The Growth Possibilities With the right systems in place, your business has the potential to scale quickly and efficiently.  Imagine reaching new heights without the limitations of a physical location.

  • Making a Difference Many online businesses allow you to create a positive impact, whether it's by providing valuable solutions to your customers or supporting a cause you believe in. That feels amazing!


  • The Hustle is Real There's no getting around it – building a successful online business takes dedication, consistent effort and hard work. Be prepared to put in the long hours, especially in the initial stages.

  • Constant Learning The online landscape is ever-evolving! Think AI and Cybersecurity for example. Be ready to pivot and stay a step ahead by continuously learning new skills, educating yourself on new tools and adapting your strategies.

  • Invest in yourself Whether it's online courses, tools, or professional advice, investing in your growth can significantly benefit your business.

  • Wearing So Many Hats As a solopreneur, you might be the marketer, salesperson, customer service rep, and everything in between. This can be overwhelming at times, but learning new skills can be empowering too.

  • Staying Motivated There will be days when self-doubt creeps in (hello imposter syndrome 😶‍🌫️).  Building resilience and surrounding yourself with a supportive network is key to staying on track and pushing forward when things get tough .

  • Competition is Fierce The online space is crowded. Standing out from the competition requires confidence in yourself and your offer, strategic planning as well as consistent effort.

It's Worth the Ride Just go into this with your eyes open!

Be realistic, thorough and ready to put in the work. Going into an online business, with the right attitude and a great product, service or idea might turn out to be the best decision you ever make.

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