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Your website deserves something special, so we don't just include generic same-same stuff. Here's how I roll:

Deep Dive into Your Business

Before I touch design, I pick your brain (don't worry, it's painless!) to understand your business inside and out. This helps me figure out your goals and how your website can be your ultimate business asset.

Craft Content that Converts
Next, we'll get to work on the juicy content. I work through everything to structure it perfectly to grab your audience's attention and make a lasting impression. It'll be totally YOU and leave visitors wanting to learn more.

Speak Their Language
Who are your ideal customers? The people you want to attract? Let's chat directly to them, using language that resonates and makes your offer stand out from the crowd.

Content needs to flow

Your website's content will be so easy to understand and navigate, guiding visitors smoothly on a journey towards becoming happy customers. Your crystal clear content will anticipate and answer questions before they even ask.

Sale Branding


Everything You Need to Sell Online and Thrive: The Complete eCom Package

Who needs an eCom site?

YOU DO if:

  • You're a retailer selling anything from divine jewellery to digital downloads. (eCom can handle it all!)

  • You're an educator and want students to book classes with ease.

  • You're a service pro and need to schedule appointments with a click. Simplify scheduling for both you and your clients.

  • You just wanna get paid online, plain and simple.


Forget one size fits all quotes!

Every website is special, so I don't do set pricing. Let's chat about your project (fill in my quote request first) and I'll provide a custom quote that fits your needs perfectly. 


 I've got packages starting at AUD$4200 Incl SEO to get you rolling.


It's crowded out there - Let's get you noticed.

From beautiful colours, creative layouts and clever font choices, every element of your site will be thoughtfully re designed to attract your ideal customer and help Google find you too (higher rankings = more happy customers!)

mobile phone with a jewellery website displayed on it
mobile phone with a toy store website displayed on it
mobile phone with a wellness centre website displayed on it
Sale Branding
    • Get ready for gorgeous: Your website will have a look and feel that perfectly matches your unique brand. Your website's personality, shining through.

    •  Stand out from the crowd: With one-of-a-kind design that makes you pop compared to your competition.

    •  Effortless navigation: Your website will flow like a dream, making it easy for visitors to find what they need. It'll be intuitive and user-friendly.

    • This package includes up to 2 design concepts, and 2 rounds of revisions to make sure it's perfect.

    • Home sweet homepage: Your website's first impression - make it count.

    • Products: Showcase your amazing products (or services) in all their glory.

    • About Us: Tell your story and connect with your audience.

    • Shopping Cart: This is where the magic happens (secure checkout, of course).

    • Payments: Multiple payment options for happy customers! (Afterpay/Zippay, anyone?)

    • Insta/FB: Sync your shop with social media for extra reach. #winning

    • Legal Stuff Simplified: T&Cs, Shipping, Returns - clear and easy to find.

    • Privacy Promise: Let everyone know you respect their privacy.

    • Get in Touch: Make it easy for customers to contact you.

    • Email subscribe: Grow your email list and connect with your audience.

    • Reviews that Rave: Show off your happy customers (social proof, baby!)

    • Social Feed: Keep your visitors engaged with your latest social media posts.

    • FAQ: All the common questions answered.

    • Blog (optional): Share your expertise and build trust with a blog.

    • Customised colours + fonts throughout making it a totally cohesive experience for your customers.

    • Seamlessly integrate your existing logo & brand kit if you have one.

    • No branding? No problem
      I recommend you reach out to Sali Williams my GoTO branding GURU.
      She's the best honestly. Tell her I sent you ;)


    INSTAGRAM @iamsalidesign

    • I'll install up to 3 of those awesome apps that are sometimes needed to help your website do even more.

    • Usually not needed but it really depends on your business and what you need.

    • Links to Socials.

    • Instagram feed integration (optional).

  • We'll work our SEO magic to make your website super Google-friendly.

    This basically involves optimizing various parts of your website to further help your Google ranking.​ Read more about this in the SEO section below. Meanwhile, here's basic run down:

    • SEO-friendly content structure

    • Site architecture/navigation

    • Domain Security/SSL (https)

    • Image optimisation

    • Mobile optimized

    • Google Analytics Tracking/Search Console connection

    • Google My Business Profile (if eligible/applicable)

    • Submit XML sitemap to index site to Google​

    • Been there, built that (websites)!

    • I've got over 13 years of experience weaving website magic and the eCom world. And I'm gonna share all my best tricks with you. No gatekeeping.

    • Your business win is my win ✨ I seriously get a thrill out of being part of your journey and helping you reach your goals. Consider me your website business bestie.

    • Honesty is my policy, I won't try to sell you stuff you don't need. Straight up, honest opinions, always. No BS, ever. ‍

    • I'm a born creative. As we work together, new ideas will flow and evolve. That's when the website magic really happens. ✨

    • Training + Handover: We'll set up a 1-hour training session and answer any questions you have after your site goes live.

    • 2 weeks Aftercare: I've got your back for the first 2 weeks to make sure everything runs smoothly.

    • Need a hand after the initial 2 weeks? No worries, I have aftercare packages to keep you covered (at the hourly rate).

    • Domain Name approx $20 per year.

    • Web Hosting approx AUD29 monthly.

    • Credit card payment fees approx 3% (varies according to provider)

    • Product Shipping Costs

    • Google My Business Set-Up + Optimisation (if applicable/eligible): Think of it as your fancy online business card on Google Maps and Search. I can set one up for you or pimp out your existing one to help your profile show up higher in local search results on Google Maps and Search. Optimisation includes strategies to make your profile more attractive to potential customers, like adding high-quality photos, encouraging reviews and more.

    • SEO Audits: This involves analyzing your website to identify areas where you can improve your search engine optimization (SEO). The audit will provide you with a roadmap for improving your website's organic traffic.

    • Marketing Materials: Brochures, flyers, presentations - you name it, I can create it to spread the word about your awesome business.

    • Copywriting: Catchy and informative words for your website, social media, and other marketing channels to grab attention.

    • Social Media Design Work: Eye-catching graphics for your social media.

    • Logo and Branding Design:  Developing a logo and branding that makes a lasting impression, attracts the right customers and helps your business stand out from the competition.

    • Photography: This could include general photography, such as team photos, your office, or your products in action.

    • Photo Editing: TLC for your images to improve them!

    • Private Email Set-Up: A professional email address for your business (think instead of - I can set you up!


Everything you need will be included in your custom package. Here's the run down.



Google love is in the air!

Your website's looking gorgeous, but how do we get it in front of the right eyes?

That's where Emily, my amazing SEO partner, comes in! She's a local guru who speaks fluent Google and loves seeing businesses win. Together, we're a dream team! (We may even nerd out a bit about SEO, but hey, that's how the magic happens!) ✨

Here's the breakdown

  • I tackle the technical stuff: Think website tweaks and content magic to make Google happy.

  • Emily unleashes her SEO brain: She'll use her super SEO skills (and fancy tools) to research the perfect keywords to attract your ideal customers.


The result? A rock-solid plan to boost your Google ranking and get your website seen by more of the right people.


Just like your website, SEO isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. The cost will depend on what Emily recommends specifically for your business. We'll include all the pricing info in your design quote, so no surprises!

    • Ever wonder how websites end up on the first page of Google? That's the magic of SEO!

    • It's basically like giving your website a secret handshake with search engines (especially Google) so they know it's awesome and should be shown to the world. We do a bunch of stuff behind the scenes (and on the surface!) to make your website super search-engine friendly.

    • Why is SEO so important? Because it helps you stand out from the online crowd! The higher you rank in search results, the more people see your amazing website.

    • Keywords are the way to Google's heart!

    • These are the words and phrases people type into search engines when they're looking for info  and we want your website to be the answer they're searching for.

    • Keywords can be single words like "photography" or phrases like "how to learn photography." The trick is to sprinkle these keywords throughout your website, both in the content visitors see and the hidden code that search engines love.

    • Why are keywords important? Because if you use them right, Google will be more likely to show your website to the people searching for what you offer.

    • This is where Emily, our resident SEO wizard, gets to work. She uses fancy SEO tools and her amazing brain (we call it ✨SEO magic✨) to uncover the exact words and phrases your ideal customers are typing into Google.

    • Think of it like eavesdropping on their conversations with Google, but without the creep factor ;)

    • Then, we strategically sprinkle those keywords throughout your website, like planting seeds for Google to find. The more relevant keywords you have, the higher your website climbs in search results. Pretty cool, huh? #wethinkso

    • Just like a beautiful tree, SEO takes time to grow (around 4-6 months). But once those keywords start working their magic, your ranking will keep growing naturally over time, which means free traffic forever!

    • Truth bomb alert! Anyone who promises instant SEO results is probably trying to sell you snake oil. (Google it, and then run for the hills!) #SEORedFlags

    • To keep you in the loop, we'll check in at the 4-month mark. We'll give you a report that decodes exactly how your website is performing for those keywords. Cool huh?

    • At the 4-month mark, we dive back into the data, whip up a report, and see if there are any SEO tweaks we can make to keep things moving in the right direction. It's like fine-tuning your website for maximum Google love 💘

    • SEO is not set-and-forget. To keep seeing results we recommend an SEO checkup 2 x per year.

      And yes we can help you out with that 🫶🏼✨


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