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A web designer taking a photo of a wall with a heart on it for White Pear Web Design's portfolio.

I love keeping things super simple (I mean who doesn't).

To get your quote I'm going to need some info. I do ask quite a few questions. Your answers give me a fuller picture of your business which enables me to design the perfect site for you. 

Get a Quote

for your website redesign

A phone displaying a White Pear Web Design with two women wearing t-shirts and a pair of jumpers.
A mobile phone displaying a website designed for a jewellery businessewith a design package including a picture of a woman.

When I have the info I need, I'll make a plan of action for a redesign of your current website - tailored to your business. This includes a fixed-price quote to make it all happen!


If you like it and want to move forward, great! If not that's ok too ;)

I find offering custom fixed pricing is a really cost-effective way to give you the functions and features you need, without paying for things you don't need.


Your design plan will include recommendations for your site structure and may cover some things you haven't thought about. It's an opportunity to ask questions and get ideas too.


My clients love it. And so do I ;)

Fill in as much detail as you can and if you're not sure, just take a guess and go onto the next Q ✌🏼

About Your Current Site

Marketing + Google

The functions of your site

ok let's get down to the nitty gritty. What functions do you need your site to perform for your business? Include anything you would like to add to your redesign.*
What functions should it include [tick all that apply]

Let's talk the vibe and your branding

Do you have branding that you wish to stick with? I'm talking kick ass Logo, brand colours + fonts. I can work with your current branding. But if you are keen to rebrand - I have an amazing branding expert I can connect you with to give you options.
Not yet
I'm working on it
I have branding all ready to go
Do you have great product/branding images? or Again if this is something you're interested in, I have contacts ;)
We will use our current images
Not yet
I'm working on imagery
The idea of this freaks me out

Your best contact

your preferred contact
Your preferred contact

Add one last question

How did you find me?
Referral from a friend
Referral from a website I designed
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