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wanna be more visible on Google?  You need SEO.

Let's get more eyeballs on your site 👀

Imagine you have an awesome website or online content, but it's tucked away in a dusty corner of the internet. SEO is like moving it to the front window with a big "OPEN" sign.

SEO is your best friend if you're a:

  • Business big or small: Whether you're a local bakery or a global clothing brand, SEO can help people find you, when they search for what you offer.

  • Creative mind: If you're a blogger, musician, or artist, SEO helps your work get discovered by more people who might enjoy it.

  • Local Biz: Running a shop or offering services in a specific area? SEO helps you shine in local searches, like "best pizza delivery near me."

So, even if you're not a techie or a giant corporation, SEO can be your secret weapon for getting noticed online.


Forget one size fits all SEO quotes!

Every business is different (and special😉), so we customise an SEO plan just for you.  


Let's chat about your project!  Fill in the quote request form below and we'll provide a custom quote that fits your needs perfectly.

Prefer to chat? Reach out!

Display Podiums and Flowers

SEO Discovery
(new sites)


  • Market research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Keyword Research

  • Discover SEO opportunities

  • Content Recommendations

  • DIY your recommendations or let us handle it (fees apply)

PRICING starts at $450 

plus cost per page optimised 

SEO Audit
(existing sites)


  • SEO specialist analysis

  • Keyword performance

  • Competitor analysis

  • Current site performance score & rank

  • Site technical status

  • Keyword targeting

  • Site recommendations for you to DIY or let us handle it (fees apply)

PRICING starts at $550 

plus cost per page optimised 

Health Check + Boost
(existing sites)

  • ​Audit of page meta data

  • Keyword research

  • Action optimised updates to all pages DIY or done for you (extra fee applies)  

  • Current site performance score & rank

 PRICING starts at $450 

plus cost per page optimised 

SEO packages

Not sure which package is right for you?
Don't worry we'll recommend the right one - just fill in the short form below (scroll down).

We offer DIY or done for you SEO packages

Your website's looking fantastic, but how do you get it in front of the right eyes?

That's where Emily, my amazing SEO partner, comes in!


She's a GURU, she's LOCAL, she speaks fluent Google and, like me, loves seeing businesses thrive. Together, we're a dream team! (We may even nerd out a bit about SEO, but hey, that's how the magic happens!)

SEO can be very confusing, but getting started with us is super easy!

  • Complete the SEO enquiry form below with as much detail as you can (takes just a minute or two).

  • Emily will look over your site and the info you provide, we'll have a little brainstorming sesh and she'll recommend the best SEO service/s suited to your business.

  • We'll send a detailed quote your way with everything included.

  • We offer DIY or done-for-you/let-us-handle-it packages 👌🏼


Just like your website, SEO isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. The cost will depend on what Emily recommends specifically for your business. We'll include all the pricing info in your quote, so no surprises!

Get started ✨

What are your primary goals for your website?
Have you done any SEO work on your website in the past? or done some yourself?
Does the thought of SEO make your eyes twitch?🫨
Have you ever had an SEO audit done on your website?
Not sure
Have you ever hired an SEO professional or agency?
Not sure
How often do you publish new content or make updates to your site?
Would you like to DIY the recommended actions yourself? (We will produce a detailed report including recommended action items. You can choose to DIY the actions or we can take care of those for you - additional cost applies)

Let's get your website seen by more people!

Fill in the details below for an obligation free SEO plan and quote. 

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