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    • ​You have now entered the ugly-website-free-zone #helloandwelcome👍🏼

    • Your site's Look + feel will be beautifully consistent with your branding.

    • Carefully crafted, distinctive design will help you stand out from your competition.

    • Lovely flow for easy and intuitive navigation.

    • Up to 2 design concepts and up to 2 revisions are included in this package.​​​​​​​​

    • Home/Landing

    • Products/Services

    • About

    • Contact Details

    • Email Subscriber Function

    • Contact Form

    • FAQ

    • Gallery

    • Reviews

    • Social Media Feed

    • Blog (optional)

    • Location Map + Directions (optional)

    • Customised colours + fonts throughout for a cohesive on-brand customer experience.

    • Integrate your existing logo.

      No branding? No problem
      I recommend you reach out to Sali Williams my GoTO branding GURU.
      She's the best honestly. Tell her I sent you ;)

    INSTAGRAM @iamsalidesign

    • Up to 3 x installation of free Apps (if required). ​ 

    • Links to Socials.

    • Instagram feed integration.​

  • Your site will be optimised for on-page and technical SEO.

    This is the process of optimizing various parts of your website to further help your Google ranking.​

    • SEO-friendly content structure

    • Site architecture/navigation

    • Domain Security/SSL (https)

    • Image optimisation

    • Mobile optimized

    • Google Analytics Tracking/Search Console connection

    • Google My Business Profile

    • Submit XML sitemap to index site to Google​

      and more!

    • I bring 13+ years of experience in web design and eCom business experience to the table and I share with you the tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

    • I want your business to thrive! it gives me a buzz to be part of your journey and I promise to do everything I can to set you up for success.

    • I will always be honest with you. I'm not going to ever try and upsell things you don't need and will give my honest opinion always.​ No BS. Ever.

    • I work in a very organic way so new ideas will flow when I start on your project — that's when the real magic happens ✨

    • 1 hour training + handover included.

    • 2 weeks aftercare included (beyond 2 weeks hourly rate will apply for any updates or additions).

    • Ongoing Aftercare Packages are available.

    • Domain Name approx $20 per year.

    • Web Hosting approx AUD29 monthly.

    • Credit card fees approx 3%.

    • Shipping Costs

    • Google My Business Page Set-Up + Optimisation (if applicable/eligible)

    • Google My Business Page Optimisation (for existing GMB)

    • SEO Audits

    • Marketing Materials

    • Social Media Management

    • Social Media Design Work

    • Photography

    • Photo Editing

    • Private Email Set-Up

    • Copywriting

    • Product Photography

    • Logo and Branding Design

The Inclusions

Everything you need in your, tailored package. Here's the run-down
a set of web pages showing a glamping hire business
a photo of a glamping hire business shown on a mobile phone

The Content

Tailored for your business to attract your customers.
  • Before I even start on the design, I ask you loads of questions to really get into the nitty-gritty of how your business operates. This helps to clarify your goals and determine how your website can contribute to your goals (or even facilitate your processes).

  • Next up — I get to work on the structure and flow of the content to maximise the impact on your audience. It's going to be very YOU and memorable to everyone who pays you a visit.

  • Who is your audience?  Your ideal customer? Let's speak directly to them and communicate your offer or service to them in a way that attracts and engages them — to really set you apart from your competition.

  • The flow of the content is very deliberately designed in a way that takes your ideal customer through a journey. The site's navigation is logical and the content not only speaks to them but makes sense in the online space. It's clear and answers all of their questions.

  • A portfolio or mini website has multiple pages, but no checkout function. That's the main difference between this and full eCommerce. If needed at any point in the future, payment features can be added to the site. Because #options ;)

Portfolio/Mini-Sites are ideal for

  • Artists, Creatives, Designers + Photographers

  • Interior Designers, Stylists + Florists

  • Medical Professionals

  • Building Contractors +Tradespeople

  • Hair Salons, Beauty Salons Wellness Services

  • Cafes, Restaurants + Caterers


Packages start at AUD3050


Mini Site

Showcase your products or services and show up on Google with a mini-site.

a mobile phone with a life coach website displayed on it
a mobile phone with an architect website displayed on it

The Design

Help your business show up in Google search and get your brand out there in front of the right people — your new customers!
Get noticed online with great design that appeals to your ideal customer,  is ✨Google-friendly✨ and supports your business goals.

Every touchpoint throughout your site will be thoughtfully designed for maximum impact to serve your customers in a memorable way, and help you stand out online.


It's crowded out there - Let's get you noticed.

Did someone say Google? 

We have beautiful design, now let's help Google find it so you can show it off ;)


It was us.

    • SEO stands for search engine optimization

    • It's all the things we do in and on your site (back and front end) to optimise it for search engines (ie Google to find your site and show it to your customers)

    • It's SO important to help you stand out online

    • Keywords (also known as SEO keywords, keyphrases, or search queries) are words and phrases that users type into search engines (like Google) to find information on a particular topic.

    • Keywords can be made up of a single word or a phrase made up of multiple words such as 'photography' or 'how to learn photography'

    • Keywords are placed in web pages as well as backend (meta tags, title tags and URLS)  as a way of ranking in Google’s results for those keywords. It's a very effective method of being seen on Google  — if done correctly!

    • Keyword research is the process of finding keywords to target your customers when they are searching on Google.

    • Emily will use her specialist SEO tools and her amazing ✨SEO brain✨ to find the words and phrases that your potential visitors are typing into search engines.

    • It's like eavesdropping on their conversations with Google. In a totally not creepy way ;)

    • Then we use those keywords in the right way, and in the right places to boost your Google ranking. Cool huh? #wethinkso

    • Armed with our research we sprinkle those precious, carefully chosen keywords in all the right places on your site. Back and front end.

    • This helps your business to show up in searches and to drive free Google traffic to your site. 👊🏼

    • It takes time to start seeing results (4-6 months) but once your keywords are doing their thing, your SEO continues to grow organically over time (ie free).

    • ok here's a 💣TRUTHBOMB💣for you — any SEO expert who tells you they can get you ranking in less time is not being honest with you. (Google it and then #run🫶🏼)

    • To track your keywords' progress we do a check-in at the 4-month mark. This is when we produce a report to show exactly how your site is performing for those keywords. 📈

    • At our 4-month check-in we look at the data, produce a report, and make recommendations for any improvements or tweaks that we could make (if needed). It's very cool and very effective.

    • SEO is not set-and-forget. To keep seeing results we recommend an SEO checkup 2 x per year.
      And yes we can help you out with that 🫶🏼✨

Izzie Lawrance Interiors and Events: Floral Installations and Web Design Packages for Enhanced Online Presence.
Soda Consulting Group web design displayed on a mobile phone

I'm really excited to be teaming up with Emily, a fab local SEO expert who's going to weave her SEO magic all over your site 🪄  This gal knows her stuff.  We're going to have a lot of fun nerding-out together over all things SEO 🤩

I'll implement the on-page and technical SEO and Em will take things a step further using her amazing SEO brain (and her special SEO toolbox) to make Keyword recommendations (and more) specific to your business.


She'll put together a plan to help boost your ranking on Google through research and analysis of your business from an SEO perspective.


SEO is not a one-size-fits-all situation - so pricing will depend on what is recommended specifically for your business. Pricing information will be included in your design quote.

View projects

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Pink Background

Let's make your website your new favourite thing.

Attention to detail and fabulous communication

Crystelle + Fraser

Barwon Plastic Surgery

She has designed me a site that is everything I could wish for




A very talented designer with the ability to readily understand our business and brand.




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