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Small Business Websites

Get a Quote

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So you want to get a quote for an amazing website for your small business or startup?



I love keeping things super simple. (I mean who doesn't)

Take the quick quiz below and I'll send you a quote and design plan for your project.

When I have the info I need, I'll make a plan of action for the best site for your business. 


This includes a fixed price quote to make it all happen!


If you like it and want to move forward, great! If not that's ok too ;)

I find offering custom fixed pricing is a really cost effective way to give you the functions and features you need, without paying for things you don't need.


Your design plan will include: 

Recommendations for your site structure and may cover some things you haven't thought about. It's an opportunity to ask questions and get ideas too.


My clients love it. And so do I ;)


Here's a price guide to give you some idea of what to expect.

Packages start
at AUD 4200


es start at AUD 3050


Landing Pages
start at
AUD 950



lady standing outdoors looking down at her mobile phone

On to the quiz.

OK, are you ready? Even if you're not, do it anyway ;)

Let's Go.

Your Domain Name.


The functions of your site.

ok let's get down to the nitty gritty. Why do you need this website? As in what functions do you need it to perform for your business? *
I would like it to include [tick all that apply]

Aftercare + Site Maintenance.

How often do you anticipate updates/new stock/new services/price updates etc?

Let's talk the vibe + your branding.

Would you like to outsource this or will you be responsible for this? I recommend this and can provide training packages post launch. This empowers you to have control over your site and gives you a new skillset #winwin. If you are not keen on this idea, I can help with aftercare.
Do you have branding that you wish to use? I'm talking kick ass Logo, brand colours + fonts. If not that's ok! I have an amazing branding expert I can connect you with.
Upload File
Do you have images, or a plan to get awesome product/branding images? Again don't fret, I have contacts ;)

Your best contact.

your preferred contact

And one last question.

How did you find me?

Success! Your info has been sent 🏵​​

Thank you for taking the quiz.

Now that I have all of this info from you, I'll put my thinking cap on and I will come back to you with:


  • a solid recommendation on how to move forward

  • a detailed design plan for your project

  • and a fixed price quote.


My recommendations will include suggestions on the best way to structure things to get the result you need and set you up for success.


If I do need more information I'll be in touch, but either way - you'll hear from me within a few days.


And of course, if you have any questions in the meantime, email me​


Chat soon!​ 🏵​​


notebook, pencil, orange coffee mug and glass vase with yellow flowers sitting on a white desk.

Check out the inclusions in my design packages.

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