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My name is Kylie, #hi👋🏻 

I work with small businesses and startups all over Australia. I'm super passionate about helping small business owners like you get online.


So how did I get into the website design business?

I do get asked this quite a lot! For me it actually started way back in the (late) 90s. ​​I was working at one of the country's most forward-thinking Law Schools (at the time) and I was part of the team designing the structure of the school’s very first website. Before websites were really a thing.

I was part of the team responsible for content creation, information architecture and editing. This was the time when the internet was just emerging in Australia.​​

I loved it, and I learned so much from my time there. From project management, copywriting, people wrangling (as in wrangling Academics in the nicest possible way!) to administering online-course delivery.

Did I mention I loved it?


I had a lot of fun and grew to really love everything this new online world was making possible.​​

I absolutely thrive on seeing people just like you follow your dreams and do what you love.
And I feel so lucky that I get to do what I love every day too.


My Experience

Since leaving that role, I spent almost 10 years honing my skills as designer-maker and online retailer at birdynumnumdesignco.

From there I ran a Vintage Caravan Glamping Business for three years. I learned quite a few tips and tricks along the way. Yes I renovated it too! And yes I documented it all on the gram @honey.iboughtacaravan #so #fun


My business experience, combined with my Diploma in Business Administration and Business Management means I am skilled in all the right areas to help you get your business online (or improve your existing online presence - hello website makeover!)

It's also given me a really good foundation for understanding the online sector, how it all works and how to get your business out there in the online world.


Being a lifelong learner I thrive on keeping up with the changes and spend a lot of time reading, webinar-ing and upskilling and generally nerding-out over the whole thing. 

Getting a website designed for your small business can feel overwhelming. 
It doesn't have to be that way and I make sure it isn't ;)

My approach is to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.  I will not bombard you with a whole lot of complicated info that will probably only stress you out.


I communicate all the way along so you know where everything is at. That’s really important in keeping things on track and getting your project up and running!

My experience, knowledge and creativity are the perfect skill set to create the very best online representation of your business. 

I promise that I will do my very best to bring your ideas to life, add some of my own and make it all happen. I love inspiring people to get on with running the business while I take care of the whole website thing for you! 

I have an eye for really good design and am highly skilled in organising the information about your business way that makes sense in the online space.


And it won’t cost the earth (or your sanity) #winning


Are you ready to get started on your project?


When I'm not working you'll usually find me pottering in the garden, hanging out witth the Kiddos or DIY-ing something. 


I love getting creative any way I can whether that's restoring furniture, creating art or whipping something up on my trusty old sewing machine. Our little rescue Chi - Miss Honey Blossom is never far away, she's my little shadow 🤍

And there's always coffee involved. Or nothing much gets done lol.